CISSS de Laval declares ‘heat wave alert’ as temperature soars

As the temperature in Laval and the Montreal region reached into the low 30s on Friday, officials at the CISSS de Laval declared a heat wave alert and implemented a plan designed to help people cope with the discomfort and potential dangers of soaring heat during the summertime.

Beat the heat, says the CISSS de Laval, by following their advice on how to stay cool during the heat wave.

The CISSS says it is implementing the following measures at its facilities in Laval:

• CISSS staff are phoning persons living at home who are regarded as vulnerable. Those who cannot be reached will be visited in person.

• The CISSS’s five CHSLDs have taken preliminary precautions to deal with the heat wave.

• New air conditioners and ventilation systems have been activated at the CHSLDs.

• Measures are being taken to: (1) increase hydration in CHSLD residents, and (2) moisten their skin through the application of wet compresses.

The CISSS says certain measures are also being taken to ensure the safety of the general population of Laval during the heat wave:

• The City of Laval has opened six water parks. Pools have also been opened.

• The city has opened some “cooling zones” in municipal buildings with air-conditioning.

The CISSS makes the following suggestions for staying cool and safe during the heat wave:

• Drink a lot of water before you grow thirsty.

• Spend as much time as possible in a cool area of your home.

• Take at least one cooling bath or shower each day, or dampen yourself down with water, even during the night.

• Close the curtains or blinds in your home during the day to keep out heat, and open them at night to let cool air in.

• Avoid beverages with high concentrations of caffeine, sugar or alcohol, as they will dehydrate your body.

• Cut down on physical work.