Saint-Bruno councillor De Cotis acknowledges work of anonymous couple who cleaned up empty lot

An anonymous couple from the Laval district of Saint-Bruno were publicly thanked on Friday by local city councillor David De Cotis who credited them with cleaning up a vacant lot on de Tolède St. that is owned by the city, but which has been left neglected for a long time.

This vacant lot owned by the City of Laval on de Tolède St. in the district of Saint-Bruno was cleaned up by two residents after being neglected for years by the city, says Councillor David De Cotis.

According to De Cotis, trash and discarded items were accumulating in the lot, until the couple decided to take it upon themselves over the past two years to return time and again to fill bag after bag with garbage until they had effectively turned it into a usable green space or park.

Along the way, added de Cotis, they went through no less than five pairs of work gloves and 300 garbage bags. He suggested that all that would be needed now to complete the park would be a bench or two and maybe a short footpath.

“Laval is fortunate to have citizens such as these to make our city more pleasant,” he said. He said the least the city could do now would be to maintain the lot properly, as should have been the case all along. The Laval News contacted the couple. While saying they didn’t mind having their picture posted online, they added that they preferred to remain anonymous.