LPD arrests Laval man, 74, for allegedly luring girl, 14

The Laval Police Department says it has arrested a retired Laval man who faces a charge of luring a 14-year-old girl with whom he was exchanging messages over the Microsoft Windows Messenger service.

Jacques Savignac, 74, of Laval faces a luring charge after allegedly asking for sex from a girl age 14.

According to the police, Jacques Savignac was allegedly in contact with the girl over the past few months and they exchanged messages over the course of several weeks. He was arraigned recently at the Laval courthouse through a remote phone hookup and will be making another court appearance on Aug. 4.

The police allege that Savignac, who was using his real name in Messenger, asked the girl several times to have sexual relations with him. Investigators at the LPD say they have reason to believe Savignac engaged in similar behavior with other minors and they are encouraging anyone who might have been in contact with Savignac to report their experience to the LPD.

The LPD is inviting anyone who may have been a victim of Savignac to contact them confidentially at 450 662-INFO (4636), or at 9-1-1. The file number is RPR 190614 019.