Laval resumes organized outdoor sports activities post-COVID-19

The City of Laval said on Tuesday that it is taking the necessary steps recommended by Quebec to gradually start re-opening, with the help of local sports associations, baseball and soccer fields as well as other sports facilities following the more than two-month-long COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning in mid-June, says the city, Laval residents will be able to start participating in some of their favourite sports, although only in the form of coaching sessions.

The City of Laval has announced the gradual re-opening of its sports facilities, beginning in mid-June. Photo Credit: City of Laval, Charles Briand

Organized team matches won’t be allowed for the time being. As well, contact between players will have to be minimal (respecting the six-metre distancing rule). The city says that certain other activities, such as yoga, will be allowed if they are held outdoors.

There will be 3 basic rules:

  1. Anyone with COVID-19 will have to stay home;
  2. Washing of the hands for 20 seconds with an alcohol-based disinfectant will be mandatory;
  3. The two-metre rule between persons will have to be respected at all times.

Since water fountains in parks and sports installations will remain switched off for the time being, the city is inviting participants to bring their own water. Re-opening of the water fountains is planned gradually over the coming weeks. The public restrooms are expected to re-open gradually.