David De Cotis takes part in Terry Fox School’s annual cancer run

‘It gives me hope that we are heading towards solutions,’ says Action Laval city councillor

Action Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis took part on Sept. 22 in Terry Fox Elementary School’s annual Terry Fox Run.

In keeping with the legacy left behind by Terry Fox, the students take part in the fundraiser for cancer research each year.

“I see these youths getting involved and it gives me hope that we are heading towards solutions in this fight,” De Cotis said.

Youths getting involved

“Social involvement is built up through small gestures like this,” he added. “Little by little, big things become reality.”

For the students at Terry Fox Elementary, taking part in the Terry Fox Run is now an annual ritual. Under the watchful eye of their teachers, the students fulfill the promise of the courage of the late Terry Fox as their role model.

‘National hero,’ says De Cotis

De Cotis emphasized that Terry Fox was “more than a role model, he was a national hero. That he is inspiring this new generation is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen in my city.” “We at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board are proud to see our youths becoming involved for causes like this one,” said Barbara Barasso, the SWLSB commissioner for District 6. “We will continue to encourage this kind of involvement.”