Acquisition of land in the downtown core

With the acquisition of the first two lots strategically located at the northwest intersection of Le Corbusier and du Souvenir, the City of Laval is beginning the implementation of a large park with a final length of 1 km, in the heart of downtown, on both sides of Du Souvenir.

Laval City Hall.

A flagship project that is part of the Downtown Special Planning Program (SPP) vision, its development will contribute significantly to the greening of the sector and active mobility from east to west.

A public consultation will eventually be launched on the development of this large park. Already, the City plans to green as soon as possible the land with a total area of 1663.6 m2 newly acquired following the approval of the municipal council.

“Today’s acquisition is a strong signal of our desire to green downtown Laval,” said Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval.

“The progressive development of the linear park will multiply the islands of freshness and, by the same token, will help create a more convivial living environment for citizens. This is a first step towards the metamorphosis of our city.”

It should be noted that other projects aimed at greening downtown Laval and improving its experience are also planned, including the development of the wooded area of Trait-Carré, the development of a regional park in Carré Laval and several cultural interventions in the Montmorency pole.

$292,272 to support 4 projects for youth through the Place du Souvenir Fund

Four promising projects that promote the inclusion, participation, accessibility and perseverance of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will be supported by a total investment of $292,272 from the City through the Fonds Place-duSouvenir.

Since 2017, the City of Laval has invested nearly $3,392,000 for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the territory through the Place-du-Souvenir.

“The City of Laval is proud to support these four structuring projects that will reach many young Laval residents,” said Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval.

“In addition to promoting their full development, these projects will have a significant impact on the fight against poverty and exclusion, and they will contribute to improving the quality of life of Laval youth.

“As an administration, it is our wish that the significant sums from the fight against corruption be reinvested in the community. Thanks to the Place du Souvenir’s Fund, we are pleased to give back to Canadians what is rightfully theirs.”

Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

Each year, members of the Fonds Place-du-Souvenir advisory committee recommend projects that can respond to current issues affecting Laval youth.

Among all the projects presented, four were selected by the City, in particular because they correspond to the orientations of the 2021-2025 Integrated Youth Action Plan, namely the fight against poverty and social exclusion, school perseverance and educational success, access to cultural, leisure, sports and outdoor activities, as well as the social integration of young Laval immigrants.

The four projects selected this year:

  • 1. Les Productions le P’tit Monde will undertake the project “Creativity at the service of the school perseverance of young Laval lavalians “, intended for students aged 10 to 13who are accompanied in the creation of short fiction films. Duration: 10 months, amount awarded: $55,968.
  • 2. The Maison des enfants le Dauphin will set up its project “Confidences à un Dauphin 2.0 – Agilité et consolidation”, a personalized and confidential correspondence service currently available in 38 elementary schools in Laval that will be enhanced during this new phase. Duration: 2 years, amount awarded: $100,131.
  • 3. The Initiative locale St-François en action, as part of its project “Pour un vivre ensemble à St-François”, will hire a resource specialized in youth and immigration who will coordinate the implementation of unifying activities. Duration: 2 years, amount awarded: $102,656.
  • 4. Bluff Productions will implement its project “Tools and workshops for the prevention of psychological distress accompanying the play Rose”, a play for youth aged 11 to 15 that addresses the issue of mental health. Duration: 1 year, amount awarded: $33,517.