Virginie Dufour introduces bill to prevent evictions

Intent to put an end to evictions of tenants in order to make tourist accommodation

Mille-Îles Liberal MNA Virginie Dufour.

Official Opposition critic for municipal affairs and housing,
Virginie Dufour, introduced an important bill in the National
Assembly to prohibit evictions aimed at transforming housing
into short-term tourist accommodation.

At a time when Quebec is experiencing the worst housing shortage
in its history, the Liberal member for Mille-Îles wishes, with her bill, to
offer better protection to tenants against this practice, by putting an
end to these conversions that contribute to the crisis.

It reminds us that it is our elders who are too often the
unfortunate victims of these evictions and that it is imperative to protect them from
such manoeuvres.

“There is an urgent need for concrete action to increase housing
supply and not the other way around,” said Dufour, presenting the bill.

“In the midst of a housing crisis, we can no longer accept tenants being put on the street
to convert units into short-term tourist accommodation,” she added.

“After denying this crisis for years, the CAQ has the opportunity to take
a first step by quickly calling our bill and thus better protecting