Two new judges appointed to City of Laval’s municipal court

The City of Laval recently welcomed two new municipal court judges.

Judges Jonathan Meunier and Caroline Dulong join a panel of municipal judges who, over the past two years, have seen their workloads increase, with new oversights for criminal proceedings, in addition to the civil and penal cases they were responsible for previously.

A growing judiciary

Judges Meunier and Dulong were officially welcomed on Oct. 5 following their earlier appointment by the Ministry of Justice of Quebec.

“Judges Meunier and Dulong are adding to our judiciary team, whose mission is closely linked to the security and quality of life of the citizens, as well as to the preservation of peace and public order in neighbourhoods,” said Justice Martine Hébert, president of the Laval municipal court.

Improved access to justice

“We are very pleased to be able to offer better access to the court, while ensuring that all Laval residents can obtain justice more rapidly,” she added.

From the left, the Honorable Martine Hébert, judge-president of the City of Laval’s municipal court, the Honorable Jonathan Meunier, municipal court judge, the Honorable Caroline Dulong, municipal court judge, the Honorable Claudie Bélanger, associate chief judge at Court of Quebec, who is also responsible for municipal courts across the province. (Photo: Vincent Girard, City of Laval)

According to biographical information furnished by the court system, Justice Caroline Dulong has a Bachelor of Law degree from University of Montreal and was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2000. She began her law career with a private practice, becoming a prosecutor in 2008 with the office of Quebec’s Director or criminal and penal prosecutions, where she was assistant chief prosecutor since 2014.

Two new municipal judges

Dulong was appointed to the Laval municipal court last May. Justice Jonathan Meunier also has a Bachelor of Law degree from University of Montreal. Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2002, he worked as a prosecutor for criminal and penal cases since then. He has also worked in private practice for six years. From 2015 to 2020, he was with the DPCP, and was appointed to the Laval municipal court in February 2020.