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The City is stepping up its financial support to Laval Newspapers

In the face of the major crisis facing the Quebec media, the City of Laval is proud to announce one-time financial assistance for local Laval media. The objective of this support is to ensure the sustainability of the service offer of these players, who are essential to the influence of our community and the health of our democracy.

Laval Mayor Stéphane Boyer mentioned that “Laval’s media are essential vectors of the cultural, democratic and economic vitality of our community. Their fundamental presence and influence ensure a richness and diversity of opinions that promote varied and accessible points of view that represent the reality of our region with professionalism. We are confident that our support, a response to the needs that have been expressed to us, will help them face the important challenges affecting their industry and pursue their mission to inform the community on issues that concern them.”

Concerted one-off aid

This one-time support for Laval’s local media proposes concrete actions and mitigation measures to maintain a dynamic presence of local media headquartered in Laval. Among others the beneficiaries will be the Courrier Laval, and The Laval News. Financial assistance is divided into three areas of intervention: dissemination and distribution, financing, and promotion of content.

The City is committed to supporting projects to transform or digitally improve these media through a maximum of $50,000 in non-repayable financial assistance. This assistance, conditional on compliance with several terms and conditions, will be administered by Laval Économique. This one-off bonus will be allocated according to the circulation of the media and its periodicity.

Also, starting in the fall, the City will increase its advertising placements in the previously identified media by 37%. Finally, the support also aims to set up accessible drop-off points for these media in certain municipal buildings so that they can distribute their printed copies. Thus, displays will be gradually deployed within the City’s facilities, which will increase the reach of the targeted media, without increasing the inherent and operational costs.

The Arts and the City Awards

The City of Laval wins the Culture and Development Award for Zoom Art

Zoom Art For its project Zoom Art – When contemporary art takes the place of advertising, the City of Laval was awarded the Culture and Development Award at the Les Arts et la Ville Awards ceremony held on June 5 in Repentigny. This significant recognition is accompanied by the handing over of outdoor cultural display furniture, graciously offered by Artpublix.

A signature event produced by the City of Laval since 2020, the winning Zoom Art project invites the discovery of contemporary art through the insertion of images of works in advertising spaces along the streets, in bus shelters and on large-format billboards. The secret recipe of the project lies in the selection of images of impactful works, in the diversion of strategies used in advertising marketing and by the accompaniment of catchy texts.

“This project is a testament to the City’s desire to take the visual arts to another level. These artistic oases lead citizens to reflect, escape and feel different emotions in their daily journeys on foot, by bike, by bus or by car. It is an essential tool for the democratization of art; An aspect that was also highlighted by the jury,” said Flavia Alexandra Novac, City Councillor responsible for Culture.

To date, Laval residents have had the chance to discover, thanks to Zoom Art, more than fifty contemporary artists from Laval, Quebec and the rest of Canada. Each year, the curated approach by theme has created an effect of distinction and cohesion: Laval Artists (2020), Magic Realism (2021), Being Together (2022), Secret Nature (2023) and Stardust (2024). Zoom Art allows you to develop, outside the walls of institutions, a curiosity and interest in contemporary art among a wide audience. Note that the next edition will be held from September 22 to October 13, 2024.

The City of Laval, host city of the Les Arts et la Ville forum in May 2025

Motivated by its desire to position itself in the network of hosting major national and international cultural events, the City of Laval is pleased to have been selected to act as the host city of the36th annual forum of the national network Les Arts et la Ville in 2025.

The event, organized each year in a different municipality, will offer an extensive program including conferences, panels and workshops, a program highlighting Laval’s cultural vitality and the Arts and the City Awards evening.

In addition to the economic spinoffs generated by the 300 or so delegates from across Quebec and the Canadian Francophonie, this is an opportunity for Laval to shine as a major cultural city on the national level, in parallel with the festivities of Laval’s 60th anniversary. The host city will also be able to strengthen its leadership and its role in influencing Quebec municipalities in recognizing the transversal nature of culture, as well as the social, economic and ecological dimensions.

In addition, hosting the Les Arts et la Ville forum will allow Laval to discuss the essential issues that affect the sustainable development of living environments and the territory, while highlighting the investments and efforts that have been made in culture in recent years. About the Arts and The City Awards The Arts and the City Awards aim to encourage the cultural vitality of communities and promote good practices in this area.

They express recognition of the commitment of the driving forces of the communities to make culture a vector of sustainable development. They contribute to the realization of cultural projects that play an active role in the continuous improvement of the quality of life of citizens. It is an initiative of Les Arts et La Ville, the network for arts and culture in our communities.

Drowning prevention

Laval will offer free swimming lessons to young people in its territory

Following a unanimous vote at the City Council meeting, the City of Laval will offer free swimming lessons to Laval youth as part of the summer aquatic activity program. The objective of this new measure is to promote the safety of everyone around bodies of water.

“We all know that prevention remains the best way to avoid drowning. The data speaks for itself: in Quebec, during the summer months, every day, a child is in the emergency room in connection with a drowning. The City is therefore taking the initiative to offer these free courses to young people in the territory to do its part to reverse this situation,” said Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval.

“I invite parents not to hesitate to enroll their child in these free classes. Our teams are ready to welcome them to municipal swimming pools. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind the older ones that the lifeguard and swimming instructor certification courses are also free of charge! See you on June 12, at noon,” said Nicolas Borne, municipal councillor of Laval-les-Îles andresponsible for sports and recreation.

Specifically, it will be through a pilot project that the Lifesaving Society’s introductory swimming courses (Preschool 1 and Swimmer 1) will be free for children aged 3 to 12 this summer. The program will be offered over a period of 4 weeks in outdoor municipal pools and over a period of 8 weeks in an indoor pool, free of charge.

Citizens will be able to register for these courses in the summer program starting June 12, at noon, at piscines.laval.ca, under the heading Aquatic Activity Registration. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note that advanced training leading to the lifeguard and swimming instructor certificate is also free. A complete range of affordable aquatic activities including swimming, lifesaving initiation and fitness lessons will also be offered to Laval residents in municipal pools this summer.

The Laval Firefighters’ Race

Record participation and major donation at the 2024 edition

For its 12th edition, the Laval Firefighters’ Race recorded a record number of registrations as more than 9,100 runners of all ages and levels participated in the event. This is an increase of 2,500 people compared to last year.

The participants of the race raised more than $61,000 for the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for Burn Victims (FPQGB), a significant amount to which the profits of the event will be added in the coming days. All the races culminated in the finish line located in the heart of the Grande Fête des pompiers de Laval, where a festive and educational experience awaited young and old alike throughout the weekend.

In the marathon, Shazan Lefebvre won first place in the men’s race with an impressive time of 2:44:15. Florence Thibodeau was the first woman to cross the finish line after running the distance in just 3:10:56. In the half-marathon, Nicolas Riopel and Joëlle White climbed to the top step of the podium. The event also included 10K, 5K, 2K, and 1K races. To view all the results, go to the Firefighters’ Race website in the Results section.

Mission accomplished for the 100km and the Relais des pompiers

On this fiery day, Laval ultra-marathoner Manuel Cabral, one of the Race’s ambassadors, completed a 100 km run. Her titanic effort has raised more than $5,500 in donations for the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for Burn Victims (FPQGB).

As for the team of 60 firefighters from across Quebec to participate in a 300 km relay between Quebec City and Laval, they met their challenge by running the distance in just over 60 hours despite the weekend’s high temperatures.

Participants completed an individual 5 km course in their full combat gear (weighing up to more than 50 lbs) to raise more than $71,000 for the FPQGB. Alexis Dufour, a firefighter with the Laval Fire Department (SSIL) and world record holder for the fastest half-marathon in a full firefighter’s suit achieved in 2023.