Quebec to allow gatherings, restaurants to re-open, starting June 15 and 22, as COVID-19 rules relaxed

Beginning on June 15 in most areas of Quebec, but only on June 22 in Laval and the greater Montreal region, the provincial government will be allowing private home gatherings of up to 10 people from up to three different households to take place, with COVID-19 social distancing rules enforced, Quebec public health officials announced on Monday.

Dr. Richard Massé, a strategic consultant on COVID-19 for the Quebec health ministry, is helping guide policy for the gradual reduction of protective measures.

Dr. Richard Massé, the provincial health ministry’s strategic medical consultant during the COVID-19 pandemic, announced the measures, while noting that only a small number of communities in Quebec will have to wait until June 22.

The health ministry is insisting all the same that those holding these gatherings will be obliged to follow precautionary measures recommended by the government.

They will include meticulous cleaning of table and countertop surfaces afterwards, as well as any areas guests might have come into contact with.

At the same time, the Quebec government also announced on Monday that restaurants in most areas of the province will be allowed to re-open on June 15, although again only on June 22 in Laval, greater Montreal and two other lower Laurentian communities.

However, the partial removal of restrictions will come with some rules still in place: restaurant staff will be wearing visors, and there will be no menus nor any salt and pepper shakers on restaurant tables.

The relaxed rules will allow bars that serve food to re-open, although tables and chairs in food and drink establishments will have to be disinfected between clients. Buffet-style restaurants will be required to have staff serve plates of food to customers at their tables, rather than allowing them to serve themselves.