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Quebec issues reminder about backyard pool safety regulations

Upsurge in pool sales predicted, following COVID-19 pandemic

In view of a drastic increase in backyard swimming pool sales anticipated this summer because of distancing rules made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Quebec Municipal Affairs Ministry has issued a reminder to potential new pool owners about the regulations regarding the installation of this type of equipment in Quebec.

Quebec is reminding pool owners or those about to buy one of the regulations which make certain safety precautions mandatory around backyard pools.

Among other things, the rules state that all new swimming pools must be surrounded by a protective fence, unless it is an above-ground pool with a height of at least 1.2 metres, or at least 1.4 metres in the case of a pool that can be taken apart.

In the case of a protective fence, it must be 1.2 metres high, and must be able to prevent a spherical object measuring 10 centimetres from passing through. As well, it must be built in such a way as to not facilitate anyone climbing on it.

Rules to be followed

In addition, any access gate to the pool must be equipped with a security mechanism that allows the gate to close and lock automatically. Any patio or terrace adjacent to the pool must be equipped with a surrounding fence and gate in order to restrict access.

A municipal permit is required to build, install or to replace a pool, or to erect any kind of structure giving access to or restricting access to a swimming pool. The ministry noted that municipalities may adopt stricter rules than those contained in the provincial regulations. Pool owners are invited to learn more from their respective municipal authorities about the local regulations governing swimming pools.