Laval to re-open pools, water parks, wading facilties starting on June 20

The city announced on Wednesday that some of its aquatic installations will be re-opening gradually, although with reduced service at first, on June 20, with safeguards against COVID-19 infection being enforced.

Before turning up at a pool or other aquatic facility, residents are being invited by the city to consult this list of outdoor aquatic installations that will be open, as well as the hours and safety rules to be followed. As well, registration will be necessary in order to access a pool. As such, the city says an online registration system will be in place soon.

The City of Laval has announced the gradual re-opening of its pools, water parks and wading facilities as the COVID-19 pandemic starts to recede.

Residents are being invited to follow these three steps, so that everyone’s swimming experience takes place safely:

  1. Plan each visit by first consulting the installations that are open;
  2. Read the rules and respect them, so that everyone is treated fairly;
  3. Be patient: since service at pools will be lower than usual, you may have to wait in line a while.

Here are some other rules to follow:

  • Children 11 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • A shower with soap for 30 seconds will be mandatory before entering the pool.
  • Swim suits are obligatory.
  • It is not allowed to enter the pool while wearing a face mask or protective gloves.
  • Walking around the pool will only take place in one direction, and this rule must be respected.
  • Duration of time in the pool will not exceed one hour.
  • People with COVID-19 symptoms should not participate.
  • Access to the chalet, locker rooms and toilets will be limited. Changing on the outdoor terrace will not be allowed. Those using the pool must put on their bathing suit at home before arriving.
  • It is possible that users will be asked to pass a swimming test, at the request of the lifeguard; those without required swimming skills will be asked to wear a flotation device.