Pink in the City’s Denise Vourtzoumis awarded National Assembly Medal

Pink in the City founder Denise Vourtzoumis was recently presented with the Quebec National Assembly Medal by Fabre MNA Alice Abou-Khalil.

Denise started the non-profit Pink in the City with her family 17 years ago, and has worked tirelessly since then to help support research and provide care for people affected by breast cancer.

She is also an ambassador and volunteer for the #FedExCares community programs, having organized and participated in countless projects with local FedEx teams over the years.

Pink in the City started as a single event in 2006. Denise’s young son decided that he wanted to shave his head in support of breast cancer patients. That event created an awareness about breast cancer in the community and the need to support those who had been impacted by this insidious disease.

It also served to demonstrate that every selfless gesture of support makes a difference. From this first experience, it was clear that there was much more to do and the entire family were able to create new opportunities to support this important cause.

Having been raised with a strong belief in volunteerism and giving back to the community, Denise said she felt it was important to rally likeminded people to the cause. That meant people who cared and wanted to make a difference.

Over time, Pink in the City’s dedicated volunteers, sponsors, partners and medical advisors allowed the organization to attain and exceed its goals. They reached out to others to make the team stronger, more dynamic and diverse.

Community partners also played a key role by supporting and attending Pink in the City’s various functions and events. “Their contributions are invaluable,” said Denise.

Partnerships extended to leadership programs in Laval’s high schools, through the Model the Way program. Model the Way assures that the commitment to the cause will be carried forward by young people in the future, according to Denise.