Action Laval’s Decotis and Piché stay close to local youth and special causes

The weekend of June 14-15-16 was a very long one for Action Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis and Action Laval Saint-François city councillor Isabelle Piché.

On June 16, it was the LFFMQ – Ligue Féminine de Football mineur du Québec at Parc Berthiaume-Tremblay in Chomedey.

“This afternoon, Isabelle Piché, the city councillor of St-Francois and me David De Cotis, the city councillor for St-Bruno, we attended the minor women’s football leagues final games at Park Berthiaume-Tremblay,” De Cotis recounted in an e-mail to The Laval News.

Some information about the league:


The LFFMQ, or the “Ligue Féminine de Football mineur du Québec.” is a non-profit organization and was incorporated in 2023.


To allow underage girls (15 to 17 years old) to develop and play contact football, in an inclusive, safe and competitive environment in Quebec.


To establish a competitive and inclusive football league, which promotes positive experience and leadership development in a sporting context.

To inspire young girls to lead an active lifestyle.

To exclusively allow young women to develop their skills, educate themselves and perfect their training in the field of contact football.

Allow young girls to come together so that they can emancipate themselves through playing football. Allow girls to represent Quebec in Canadian and international competitions.


The project emerged from the desire of four civic football associations that have given themselves the mission of offering a competitive football league to girls aged 15-16 and 17 in Quebec. Currently they are starting with five teams: Gatineau, the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Montreal and the South Shore of Montreal.

Other events the two city councillors recently took part in:

June 14

Plaisir en Famille at Parc de Lausanne in Saint-Bruno.

June 15 Service Bénévole d’Entraide de Vimont-Auteuil: Annual Bazaar from 8 am to 3 pm.