New Laval by-law banning plastic bags and covers starts Thursday

Retailers and take-out restaurants will be most impacted by new municipal law

The City of Laval is reminding residents that a ban on the use of plastic bags in retail stores and by take-out restaurants comes into effect Thursday Nov. 4.

Beginning on that date, it will no longer be possible for retail store operators to offer, sell, distribute or make available to consumers single-use plastic bags.

According to the city, there are exceptions to the ban, including plastic bags used for hygienic or bulk storage, dry-cleaning plastic bags, and plastic bags used for industrial purposes and for marketing pre-packaged products.

Plastic covers out

In addition to these rules, the by-law forbids restaurants, as well as businesses providing take-out food, from distributing or being party to the distribution of single-use plastic covers, because they can only end up in landfill afterwards.

The city says the new by-law confirms its determination to make the people of Laval more aware of the importance of sustainable development, protection of the environment and the conservation of limited resources.