New 114-unit social and affordable housing to be built in Sainte-Rose

‘One of the most important announced in Laval,’ says Mayor Stéphane Boyer

A new 114-unit housing project, selected as part of the second call for projects of the Société d’habitation du Québec’s Programme d’habitation abordable Québec (PHAQ), will be built quickly in Laval’s Sainte-Rose sector, federal Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez, Quebec Minister Responsible for Housing France-Élaine Duranceau and Minister Responsible for the Laval Region Christopher Skeete, announced last week.

Canada-Quebec Agreement

The federal government’s contribution will come from the Canada–Quebec Agreement under the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF), to which the Government has contributed $900 million.

The Government of Quebec, for its part, announced new investments of $900 million in the November 2023 economic update. The City of Laval is also a financial partner in this project and is required to make a contribution equal to at least 40 per cent of the SHQ’s base grant.

In response to the housing crisis, the governments of Canada and Quebec announced on February 16 the rapid construction of 2,574 new housing units throughout the province as part of 47 selected projects, including those just announced.

Fast-tracked projects

To ensure the projects launch quickly, their developers must sign an agreement with a contractor within 12 months of being selected to remain eligible under the Programme d’habitation abordable Québec.

“The agreement we have signed with the Government of Quebec will allow us to build more housing for Quebecers, more quickly,” federal Minister of Housing Sean Fraser said in a statement.

“The historic investments and initiatives that the Government of Quebec will use to support municipalities in increasing density and shortening construction timelines will make tens of thousands of new housing units a reality. The announcement of more than 2,500 new units marks the start of the work the Housing Accelerator Fund is doing in Quebec.”

‘Investing in well-being

“Investing in affordable housing isn’t about pouring money into concrete,” said Rodriguez. “It’s about investing in the well-being of the people who live in our communities. This is the case for the future residents of these social and affordable units, who will have access to a safe and comfortable place to call home, where they can rest, recharge and welcome their loved ones. We are continuing to deliver for Quebecers by taking concrete actions that make a real difference.”

“Members of our community know they can count on our government to step up and tackle the housing crisis in our region,” said Skeete. “Today’s announcement is the result of successful collaborative work. I applaud the federal and provincial governments and the City of Laval for setting up the required financial levers, as well as our local partners and, of course, the Société de gestion Querbes, which believes in the value of social and affordable housing as a vector for a better quality of life in our community.”

‘Important project,’ says mayor

“This project is, seriously, one of the most important announced in Laval in the last few years,” said Laval mayor Stéphane Boyer. “It’s a wonderful achievement that will bring more housing to the Saint-Rose sector at a time when the need for housing has never been greater.

“In fact, that’s the whole reason we held Quebec’s first Sommet de l’habitation: to provide the momentum needed to see action like this being taken. This collaboration with the provincial and federal governments shows that we’re moving forward and our firm commitment as a partner city to removing barriers to getting housing built.”

Some highlights of the project:

  • Some of the households that move into these units could benefit from the Société d’habitation du Québec’s (SHQ’s) Rent Supplement Program, ensuring that they spend no more than 25 per cent of their income on housing. This additional assistance is covered by the SHQ (90 per cent) and the City of Laval (10 per cent).

To keep the other units affordable, a maintenance period for this assistance will be required. This period could last up to 35 years. Assistance rates will vary based on the term of the commitment. Rents may be indexed each year based on percentages set by the Tribunal administratif du logement.