Laval to temporarily allow larger outdoor terraces as part of post-COVID economic strategy

Saying they want to help restaurant owners and local businesses increase their capacity during the COVID-19 recovery period, officials with the City of Laval have announced a new pilot project that will allow restauranteurs and retailers to temporarily enlarge outdoor terraces and open-air commercial spaces.

According to the city, merchants and other business owners who wish will be able to ask for short-term permission to enlarge an outdoor terrace that is either within their own space or in an adjacent parking lot. The measure is expected to remain in effect until COVID-19 physical distancing measures come to an expected end on Nov. 30, but could be renewed if necessary, says the city.

The City of Laval is launching a COVID-19 economic recovery pilot project that will allow restaurant operators and other business owners to expand outdoor terraces and exterior retail spaces.

“The municipal by-law normally forbids any sort of temporary set up, whether on a public or private space,” says Laval city councilor Stéphane Boyer, vice-president of the executive-committee who is also responsible for economic development dossiers.

“However, due to the current economic and sanitary situation, we believe it is more important than ever to support our merchants.

“This pilot project is therefore part of the economic revival of our businesses, but also part of our determined efforts to better serve our citizens, while making Laval a dynamic and attractive city,” added Boyer.

The city says that business owners who may wish to participate in the pilot project should call 3-1-1 in order to start off the process by submitting a plan.

The dossier will then be studied to see whether the plan meets certain basic requirements, such as fire safety and traffic fluidity in parking areas, says the city.