Laval partners unite for annual ‘Drop Me Off Safely’ school campaign

Continuing a long-standing tradition, key partners in Laval, including the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, the Centre de service scolaire de Laval and the Laval Police came together once again this past month to kick off the new school year with a strong focus on student safety during drop-offs around schools.

The collaborative effort, they say, emphasizes their commitment to ensuring safe and smooth school transportation for everyone.

Partners in the ‘Drop Me Off Safely Campaign,’ including representatives from the SWLSB, the Laval Police, the Centre de service scolaire de Laval and the City of Laval, are seen here during a recent launch for this year’s campaign.

The ‘Drop Me Off Safely’ campaign is an initiative of the Laval Police and previously won the Recognition award granted by the Association des directeurs de police du Québec, in the Road Security category.

Recognizing the importance of safety during the crucial moments of student drop-offs, the Laval Police initiated the campaign to raise awareness and ensure the well-being of every student on their journey to school.

Again this year, the campaign is taking place over four strategic periods of the school year under various themes. In particular, the police will inform motorists of speed limits to respect, and mandatory stops to watch out for when a school bus turns on its flashing red lights.

“Our priority at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board has always been the safety of our students and staff,” said Paolo Galati, chairperson of the SWLSB.

“Participating in the Laval Police’s ‘Drop Me Off Safely’ campaign aligns with our core values,” he added. “We are proud to be an integral part of this important initiative, which underscores our commitment to fostering a secure environment for our students.”

For more information regarding the SWLSB’s efforts to improve bus safety, you can visit the SWLSB’s website: