Canada is no longer recognizable

I have written more than once about the muzzling of free speech in Canada, and it seems time changes nothing. In fact, it gets worse. The public lashing of psychiatrist Jordan Peterson by the College of Psychiatrists is a further example, and the reason given is merely because of “his manner and tone.” The College has ordered the good Doctor to undergo some kind of re-education of social media.

This judgement towards one of the most intelligent Canadians, if not world figures of our time, is outrageous, unacceptable and downright scary. The Ontario court has now empowered self regulating professional bodies to kill free speech, to all professional groups like nurses, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants etc. From his interviews and the numerous articles that have been written (most of them in support of him by the way) it appears those who complained are not even his patients, but also not even Canadian. Agree with this man or not, what he says at least must be listened to and respected.

What kind of Canadians are we becoming by trying to shut down people who don’t agree with us? This is a dangerous Canada with a continuous erosion of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. My country is becoming a nation that I recognize less and less with each passing month.

Immigration Out of Control

“Immigration built this country.” We used to hear that from our parents. Europeans flooded North America full of ambition and determination, resolved to build a better tomorrow for themselves, their children, and their new country. Times have changed. Immigration with this government has become an ideology that opens all entry points, legal and illegal with no thought given to how this massive influx will work itself out. So now have a problem. Statistics Canada reports employment cannot keep up with immigration. And here’s why. Canada needs 50 thousand new jobs every month to match the inundation. We rarely see that monthly number, especially with a government that discourages domestic and foreign investment. Add to that the almost one million international students in Canada this year. The pressure on housing is unprecedented, with higher rents and escalating property prices. There are over six million Canadians without a family doctor not to mention packed hospital emergency rooms. It’s time to hit pause or perhaps provinces should adopt the Québec plan, and say no to Trudeau and his day-dream rise in immigration.

The End for JT?

Is the end near for our part-time drama instructor P.M., Justin Trudeau? Are his days of reigning over Canadians who would accept his way or the highway, coming to an end? Canadians are seeing through the hypocrisy, the aloofness and smugness towards day-today financial and social issues, including allowing Québec unrestricted access to alter the Canadian Constitution through Bill 96. Recent polls suggest the majority has concluded, finally, that this individual has passed his best before date. But his narcissist character would likely thrust him into seeking a fourth term. Besides, he has nowhere to go if he resigns. His dream of being the United Nations Secretary General has wilted like late summer corn. Unlike other Canadian Prime Ministers, he is not respected internationally, is not a friend of business, nor does he have the qualifications to sit on any corporate board.

Are we finally realizing that since 2015, the Trudeau promise of “we will be in a surplus position” is never going to happen? We are now forced to spend more for everything. Canadian household debt is now the largest among the G7 countries. It’s a run-away freight train loaded with our tax dollars.

Needless and Costly

We have a total failure on the environment. We were told to ban plastic bags, for no reason. Here’s what the US Environment Protection Association said about plastic versus paper bags- “Plastic bags use 40% less energy to produce and generate 80% less solid waste than paper.” And plastic consumes 90% less energy than paper to recycle. Surprised? I’m not. And paper straws are now a landfill problem. When was the last time you threw a plastic straw or plastic bag into the ocean, any ocean, Pacific, Atlantic or Arctic? It’s frankly laughable and another in a long list of failures by our federal government. The Trudeau carbon tax has caused hardship at the pumps, to heat our homes, and increased the cost of all goods delivered by truck, plane, or train. Has the tax helped reduce our mere 1.5% of the world’s carbon footprint? Not in the least.

And can someone tell me why the Canadian Environment minister Stéphane Guilbeault is in China chairing a Chinese committee on the environment? China is our enemy. Isn’t this treasonous? China is also the worst polluter in the world producing and burning more coal than ever. Yet Guilbeault choses to criticize Canadian oil and gas producers. Another Canadian clown on international display.

Sadly, I sense there is anger and almost a hatred among a vast number of us. Suffice to say Canadians are mad as hell and may just do something about it, or force Mr. Trudeau to make a decision before the electorate makes it for him.