Laval man, 54, faces attempted kidnapping charge

Marc-André Cauvier has been charged with attempted kidnapping.

A 54-year-old male Laval resident remained in custody and made a second appearance at the Laval courthouse on Thursday to answer an accusation that he attempted to kidnap a 21-year-old woman last Oct. 1 near the Montmorency Metro station in Laval.

Marc-André Cauvier was arrested earlier this week and was arraigned in court last Tuesday to face charges that also include forcible confinement and assault.

On Oct. 1 around 1:00 a.m., the victim was driven by an Uber ride hailing car to the Montmorency Metro parking lot where she got off.

As she proceeded towards her own vehicle, which was parked at Collège Montmorency across the street, she was, according to the allegations, accosted by Cauvier, who allegedly tried to abduct her.

However, according to an account of the incident given to the police by the victim, the suspect fled after she put up a struggle.

The Laval Police say they have reason to believe the suspect had other victims. The LPD can be reached through their Info-Line at 450 662-INFO (4636).