Laval City-Watch

Key Laval street intersections to be upgraded for safety

During its most recent meeting on May 20, the City of Laval’s executive-committee gave the go-ahead for a contract to be awarded to a traffic safety consulting firm to conduct a preliminary feasibility study before the development of traffic safety solutions at 14 key intersections throughout Laval – including some in Chomedey and Fabreville.

The members of the City of Laval’s executive-committee.

The executive-committee sent its recommendation to city council to award the contract worth $239,194.71 (all contracts include tax) to SNC-Lavalin for specialized professional engineering services involving traffic and circulation.

Part of agreement

The requested work fulfills a condition the City of Laval had to meet with the provincial transport ministry to improve security at municipal intersections under the ministry’s Plan d’intervention de sécurité routière en milieu municipal (PISRMM).

The following eight intersections are involved: boulevard Lévesque and montée Saint-François; boulevard Saint-Elzéar Ouest and avenue Francis-Hughes; boulevard de la Concorde Ouest and boulevard Laval; boulevard Notre-Dame and avenue Haïfa; boulevard Dagenais Ouest and rue Ovide; avenue de la Renaissance and avenue Marc-Aurèle-Fortin; boulevard de la Concorde and boulevard Cluny; boulevard Notre-Dame and rue Montgolfier.

14 intersections in all

The following six intersections are also involved: boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest and avenue Pierre-Péladeau; boulevard Notre-Dame and 100e Avenue; boulevard Cartier Ouest and avenue Laval; boulevard Dagenais Ouest and boulevard Gabriel; boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest and boulevard Chomedey; boulevard de la Concorde Est and croissant de Callières.

At the same meeting, the executive-committee also recommended to council to award two contracts to Pavages Multipro. The contracts are worth $1,620,783.78 and $1,310,894.66. They concern 15 street blocks located in Auteuil, Souvenir-Labelle, L’Abord-à-Plouffe, Chomedey, Saint-Martin, Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, Fabreville and Sainte-Rose.

Repairs and resurfacing

As well, the committee recommended awarding a contract worth $1,393,858.02 to Eurovia Québec Construction. The work involved will take place on 14 street blocks in Saint-François, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Val-des-Arbres, Auteuil and Laval-les-Îles. The work will include street repair and resurfacing, but subterranean sewers and water pipes won’t be upgraded as the city says they haven’t reached the end of their usefulness. The city expects the street work to last from seven to 12 years.

Finally, the executive-committee gave the go-ahead for a contract to be awarded to Entreprises Miabec for $867.597.90 to extend Gascon St. to Guénard St., including sewers, drains and household water infrastructure, in the district of Saint-François. Additional work for paving, street curbs and street lighting are also part of the work.