Refundable can event raises funds for Société St-Vincent de Paul

Signs of life as people in Laval emerge, while COVID-19 crisis continues

While face masks and distancing measures are something we might all wish to forget eventually, Vimy Liberal MP Annie Koutrakis told the Laval News she was feeling optimistic about the future during an outdoor fundraiser held last Saturday in the parking lot of IGA Le Corbusier on Le Corbusier Blvd. in downtown Laval.

A new beginning

The fundraiser was one of the first public gatherings to be held in Laval since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. It was conducted in conjunction with IGA Michaud on de la Concorde Blvd. East.

Guess who? While it’s hard to know for certain who’s behind those masks, it was all for a good and socially-distanced safe cause last Saturday in the parking lot at IGA Le Corbusier when hundreds of people in Laval accepted in invitation to donate the proceeds from their refundable cans and bottles to the Société Saint-Vincent de Paul Saint-Martin. Photo: Martin C. Barry-Newsfirst

In the previous days, the message had gone around on social media and by word of mouth that refundable empty cans and bottles could be brought in and the sums gathered would be donated to the Société Saint-Vincent de Paul Saint-Martin.

Koutrakis was one of several elected officials from Laval, including Laval city councillor Aline Dib, who came out to contribute empties and to lend a hand while at it.

Doing their part

“When my team and I found out that this was happening, we wanted to come and do our part and raise awareness that there are people who have needs through the year – but especially now with the COVID,” she said.

Still, she noted the importance of continuing to follow the current distancing protocols and guidelines in place. “We have to continue to do the right things and make sure we are listening to our scientists and the guidelines that are there,” said Koutrakis.

“Of course, everybody wants to be able to be with their families and to have barbecues and go to the parks. Eventually we’ll get there. But in the meantime, we don’t to risk going back to where we were eight weeks ago and we have to start all over.

‘Do the right thing’

“So I am encouraging everyone to do the right thing, make sure you are washing your hands and wearing your mask when you’re out. Most importantly, when we’re doing all this we’re saving lives and helping our heroes: the doctors, nurses and others who are out there on the frontline who never stop working so that our lives can eventually get back to normal.”

The two IGA franchise owners, Roland Lavallée of IGA Le Corbusier and Pierre Michaud of IGA Michaud et Fils, would be matching the funds gathered from the can and bottle deposit refunds up to $1,000. “This is something we decided to do to give back to the community, which is particularly in need at this time,” Lavallée said.