Laval wins two awards at Grands Prix d’Excellence AQTr

On April 30, the City of Laval was presented with two awards for excellence in public transportation by the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr) during the organization’s 58th annual congress.

The two projects were « Une rue pour tous : tout doux dans nos rues! » and « Parcs d’éducation cycliste ».

“How proud we were to see these projects of first importance for our administration receiving recognition in the larger transportation industry,” said Mayor Stéphane Boyer. He said the two projects reflected innovative approaches positively impacting the quality of life of all citizens in Laval.

The City of Laval formalized its approach to the management of its streets over the course of 2023. During this time, the city unveiled a new triennial plan with a series of actions aimed at better sharing of streets with emphasis on security.

The plan includes the extension of the bicycle path and pedestrian walkway networks, the addition of 1,200 new traffic calming measures, the implementation of new BIXI rental bicycles, and new pedestrian crosswalk lights with warning sounds for the sight-impaired.

As well, the city has decided to reduce speed limits by 10 kilometres per hour over most of its territory. The City of Laval has also been exploring the concept of special educational resources for bicyclists over a period of three years on two separate sites.

Since 2019, these welcoming spaces have allowed hundreds of youths and their families to become familiar with the traffic regulations for bicyclists. The City of Laval has set a goal of doubling the amount of active transportation being used on its territory by the year 2031.

Laval Firemen’s Festival scheduled for June 1 – 2

The 16th annual Laval Firemen’s Festival will be taking place on the grounds of Montmorency College on June 1 and 2 from 9 am to 4 pm.

The event, one of the most awaited each year in Laval, will draw large crowds consisting largely of moms, dads and children eager to get up close to fire engines, while getting some lessons in firefighting from the firefighters themselves.

“Over the years, the Firemen’s Festival has become an event like no other for families from Laval,” says Laval city councillor Sandra Desmeules, who is responsible for public safety dossiers on the executive-committee.

“I am grateful that our city is able to count on the continuing and valuable commitment of the Laval Fire Dept. day after day, be it in prevention or in operations,” she adds.

The ever-popular parade of vintage fire trucks from all over the province, as well as from outside and sometimes from as far away as Ontario and the U.S. in some cases, will be taking place beginning at 9:45 am.

Before arriving at the Montmorency College grounds, the trucks will be making their way through neighbourhoods such as Laval-des-Rapides and Pont-Viau.

The firefighters will then spend the day giving demonstrations of their firefighting skills, such as showing how car accident victims are freed from vehicle wrecks. There will also be wandering circus performers, magic shows, musicians and entertainers.

In addition to all this, the fire department will be unveiling its new mascot. With that in mind, they are currently soliciting the help of residents to name the mascot.

Information is available on the event’s Facebook page, where clues can be found. You have until May 19 to take part in a related contest. The mascot’s name will be revealed on June 1 around 10:30 am when the first of the fire trucks are arriving.