Laval City Watch March 21 2018

Laval City Hall

Improvements in Laval parks

The City of Laval will invite bids by public tender for renovation work to be done in parks throughout the city. The planned improvements prioritize the development, restoration and upgrading of children’s play areas in order to create pleasant recreational spaces that conform to rigorous safety regulations. The priorities were established based on inspections made of Laval’s existing playground infrastructures. These findings were instrumental in generating a Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan. The work is ongoing and the priority is to identify and assess areas that require immediate attention.

Professional Services of Health and Safety Officers

Safety on construction sites is an essential component in building and renovating municipal infrastructures. As there are several major construction projects on the agenda including the aquatic sports complex and the revitalization of the Concorde Metro and train stations sector the City of Laval is requesting bids by public tender for professional services of health and safety agents. The agents will be required to oversee the construction sites to safeguard that all measures required to ensure worker safety are addressed.

Patrimonial inventory and study of modern, religious and institutional heritage

As the third city of Quebec, in antiquity and significance a study of Laval’s history and its cultural heritage are important so patrimonial records archive this history and become unique references for future development. Amassing and guarding this knowledge requires rigorous information gathering and research. Therefore the city administration will invite bids via public tenders for professional services to conduct an archival and historic review as well as an inventory of modern, religious and institutional developments that define Laval’s heritage. These documents will be used to guide future urban developments in Laval with a view of protecting its heritage as well as providing a workable framework for the revision of urban planning regulations, which are currently underway.

New Athletics track and field facility

In the summer of 2020, Laval will host the Québec Games Final. Since it does not have adequate and safe facilities for the practice of athletics (a condition for obtaining the event), the City launched a public call for tenders for integrated professional services for of the preparation of plans, specifications and the supervision of construction work for an athletics track and field facility. Following the bidding process the members of the executive committee recommend that the municipal council award a contract of $665,820.23 (total taxes included) to architect Héloïse Thibodeau.

Laval’s track and field facilities will be located on a portion of the Parc-école de l’Odyssée-des-Jeunes in the Vimont district. The objective is that the work be completed by the end of the summer of 2019. This will allow the municipality to not only host a preparatory competition to evaluate the facilities but will also provide Laval athletes first class training facilities in the preparation for the summer of 2020. It is hoped that the dozen scheduled track and field competitions before the Quebec Games will provide opportunities for both male and female athletes to enhance their training.

Bridge repairs over the Rivière des Prairies

The members of the executive committee approved an investment of $99,723 (including net taxes) covering the Canadian Pacific rail signalers fees, whose presence is required during the construction work scheduled to begin on April 15th 2018. The renovations consist of repairing bridges over the Rivière des Prairies, between Laval and Île Perry and between Île Perry and Montréal.

Raising environmental awareness among industries, businesses and institutions

The City of Laval has entered into a $ 30,000 service agreement with the Regional Environmental Council (CRE) of Laval. This agreement finances an environmental information and awareness campaign for industries, commercial enterprises and institutions (ICI) related to the management of their residual waste materials. The objective of the mandate which will run until August 2018, is to reduce the quantity of materials disposed of by the ICI and to increase the amount of waste materials recycled by these organizations. The CRE de Laval is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of the environment and promote sustainable development.

$5,000 grant to the Laval Palliative Care Home

The members of the executive committee awarded a grant of $ 5,000 to the House of Palliative Care of Laval as part of the program of support for fundraising and sponsorship activities of an organization. The City of Laval was able to appear as a Bronze partner during the organization’s gastronomic evening held in February 2018.

Major Renovation at Mike-Bossy Arena

The City will shortly be calling for public tenders for a major project to renovate the Mike Bossy Arena. As a result of its pledge to meet its Montreal Protocol commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, Laval wants to replace existing refrigeration systems like those operating in ice rinks running on HCFC R-22 with greener systems.

Community spaces for organizations of Saint-François

The executive committee authorized a maximum annual expenditure of $ 70,000 to lease space for organizations in Saint-François still affected by the closure of the Saint-Noël-Chabanel community center. Two local organizations were active in the area: the Saint-François Recreation Department and the Saint-Noël-Chabanel Golden Age Club. They will continue to be relocated and offer their activities on the premises of Saint-Noël-Chabanel Parish, the Laval School Board (L’Escale School and Fleur-Soleil School) and the Knights of Columbus Community Center. .

Management of the Laval-sur-le-Lac marina

The members of the executive committee approved a transitional management contract between the City of Laval and the Laval-sur-le-Lac Yacht Club to allow the latter to continue administering and managing all the infrastructures, facilities, movables and immovables of the marina of Laval-sur-le-Lac. This measure is in force for 2018 and will be in force until a new management contract is negotiated.