Guns were fired less often than usual in Laval last year, according to the LPD

The Laval Police seized at least one 3D-printed firearm last year, a first for the police department. (Photo: Courtesy RCMP)

In a report on criminal use of firearms in Laval in 2023, the Laval Police Dept. says the number of incidents leading to a firearm being discharged took a sharp decline last year compared to the year before.

According to the force, there were 13 events in 2023, compared with 24 the previous year and 43 in 2021.

Jean-François Rousselle, assistant director of the force ‘s criminal investigation division, said a new strategy produced encouraging results.

The LPD attributes the decline to the success of Projet Paradoxe, which focuses on firearms-related events.

He said there had been a drop in gun-related incidents over the past two years.

In 2023, 57 firearms were seized by the LPD in Laval and 30 suspects were arrested.