If only God’s will would be done …

And so, to distances we’ve come. The ground that separates good from evil has descended into grey areas of if you can’t do good, try at least to do no harm.

Sadly, much of what was good in human history has now been adopted-and-adapted as bad. What was once bad, has been knocking on the door of the insidious corruption of values that have been foundations and cornerstones of civilized societies.

The eternal truth that there is goodness in the minds, hearts, and souls of most human beings – in the four corners of the planet and everything in-between – is dissolving into blinding deep-fog denial-of-everything that’s redeemable in the children of a living and loving God. Too many claim that God is neither living nor loving, citing His deafening silence, watching from His Heaven the disintegration of humanity.

This ‘catch-of-the-day – our day – thinking, is gravely flawed. Lacking discernment vital to basic understanding of eternity, these deniers of God, ironically exercising the gift of free-will He grants to all, sinfully disconnect themselves from God’s will, giving in to the presumption that they are right and believers are wrong.

Yes, God appears to be silent to evils that proliferate. But pause to ask yourself. What would I do, in the wake of the violation and betrayal of the unerring guide-to-life you had bestowed on humanity in need of peace, order, and good government.

The Ten Commandments, God’s exemplary power-point plan for peace on Earth to all men, women, and children of good will, have been desecrated by self-styled earthly gods who pass themselves off as idols to be worshipped, at altars of adoration, on which rests the new-wave sin of virtue-signalling that dictates its one-and-only-Commandment – to be human is to accept all things.

Not so, says God’s will. Thus, in silence, He decries, laments, weeps over the derailment of the high-speed high-tech human locomotives that ought to be rapidly moving toward destinations of faith, hope, and love, but to be sure, are not heading in that direction. From a distance He watches, in muted agony, as vehicles of evil that pass themselves off as purveyors of good, with compliance from far too many, crash into both sides of the divide, threatening to destroy the sacrosanct belief that humankind’s eight billion men, women, and children deserve to be that – men, women, and children … free of the chains of what now has emerged as the casting of malicious doubt on what is man… what is woman…what is child?

Even the most cursory look at any of God’s Ten Commandments provides much-needed sanity in the World of you must respect me but I don’t have to respect you, you must believe what I believe or you ain’t my friend.

Prayerful contemplation of the disastrous consequences of man’s inhumanity to man will flood the heart of every man, woman, and child with the pain of the loss of innocence ripped from them by the evil that makes no exception to the souls it infests with hatred of the other, whoever or whatever he or she may be. This was never, is not now, nor ever will be God’s way. It was, is, and will continue to be – if not stopped by faith, hope, and love – the expression of self-serving disregard for the will of God for humanity’s deliverance from sin. In case you haven’t had a quiet moment of reflecting on what God offered to humankind through Moses on Mount Sinai, please take another look and you will be guaranteed that God in His Heaven was, is, and will always be a living and loving force of eternal salvation and a source of everything that is good in humanity because that is the way he conceived His software and hard drive … to lead toward faith in other human beings, hope in their capacity and willingness to do nothing less than love God and their neighbours, whatever fences demons have conspired to erect between in the minds, hearts, and souls of this valley of tears that God still lovingly watches over, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with an urgency of anticipation that within the unfolding of the universe He created, there will be Peace on Earth to all women, children, and men of good will.

In prayerful respect for humankind, here is what God’s Will offers His children:

I am your Living and Loving God, all you need is Me. Don’t deny me, don’t fashion false gods to take my place, reject fraudulent idols who masquerade as truth. Revere my name, for I am sacred and because I gave you life, you can be sacred too.

In your trials and tribulations that flow from the gift of life, keep one day of the week for Me and for Yourself, putting aside the load you carry the other six days. Love your father and mother, as I love you, for they are the vehicles of My love for you, forgive their transgressions as I forgive yours. Do not murder, not in My name, nor in any other name that the forces of evil have designed to deceive you into the sin of taking another life without cause. I have given you the gift of attraction for other human beings; revel in it, but respect its power to lead you astray; be faithful to your love, forsake all others, keep your heart for your chosen one who has chosen you. Respect the rights of others to property and/or success, don’t steal what they have sacrificed to earn for themselves and their loved ones. Do not lie, the truth shall set you free, and its violation will cause irreparable damage to others.

Do not envy the lives of others who you think better than you, they are not, they are simply different. Just look around you to know that you are cherished as much as they are by a living and loving God.

Renata Isopo