Executive-committee takes action against floods and greenhouse gases

The City of Laval’s executive-committee made some key moves during a meeting on March 31, including decisions involving the protection of the region’s riverside areas from floodwaters, and a special fund set up especially for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Flood warnings

The executive-committee approved the awarding of a five-year contract worth $1,109,234.37 (including taxes) to Hydro Météo to provide surveillance and weather forecasting services on the rivers surrounding Laval.

The contract requires the company to forecast flood overflows and ice jams during the cold months. The contract also requires the company to provide service during turbulent weather events. In all, the company will be expected to supply, operate and maintain 14 stream gauge stations across the island.

Greenhouse gas fund

In addition to this contract, the executive-committee took action with regard to the ongoing issue of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2011, the City of Laval has had on its books a by-law taking into account future compensation for output of greenhouse gas emissions related to development on Laval’s territory.

According to the city, the idea of the program was to ensure that revenues generated as a result of the by-law’s application would be used to pay for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to consolidate the program, a new by-law has been adopted to allow for the creation of a financial reserve specifically dedicated to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Committee members The City of Laval’s executive-committee meets regularly to make decisions on a variety of issues.

The executive-committee includes the following people: Mayor Marc Demers, vice-president Stéphane Boyer (also councillor for Duvernay–Pont-Viau) councillors Sandra Desmeules (Concorde–Bois-de-Boulogne), Ray Khalil (Sainte-Dorothée), Virginie Dufour (Sainte-Rose) and associate members Nicholas Borne (Laval-les-Îles) and Yannick Langlois (L’Orée-des-Bois).