Crime on the rise in Laval

The crime rate has increased significantly in Laval over the past year. Fewer murders have been committed, but several other types of violent crime are on the rise.

The number of crimes committed in Laval reached 18,688, an increase of 10% compared to 2022. The number of criminal incidents has jumped by 30% over the past four years in Laval. Here are the highlights of the Laval police force’s annual report released last Wednesday morning.

Fewer murders, more assaults

Nine people were murdered in 2023 in Laval, including two children who perished in the bus attack on a daycare. This is three fewer murders than in 2022, which was the deadliest year in the last five years. On the other hand, the number of assaults and acts of threats or violence jumped by 8.3% and 33% respectively.

Explosion in the number of arson attacks

With an increase of 53% compared to 2022, the number of arson attacks has risen sharply during 2023. The vast majority of these crimes were committed in the context of extortion. For several years now, Laval merchants have been approached by criminals who demand a sum of money in exchange for a protection service.

If they refuse, the criminals do not hesitate to set fire to their victims’ businesses. The owner of the Nuits de Beyrouth restaurant had to close his doors a few weeks ago after seeing his business set on fire four times by a criminal hand. No company was now willing to insure it.

Gun discharges in free fall

Police efforts to counter gun violence on its territory have paid off. As proof, half as many firearm discharge events took place in Laval in 2023, compared to 2022. This type of crime has increased from 43 in 2021, to 24 in 2022 and to 13 in 2023. Laval police officers have also seized 57 firearms in the past year.

Other types of crimes that increased significantly in Laval in 2023: fraud (+20%), sexual offences (+17%), theft under $5000 (+17%), drug possession (+45%) and domestic violence (+8%).