City completes 100th kilometre of bike paths since 2014

Laval hopes to create 450 kilometres by year 2031

City completes 100th kilometre of bike paths since 2014

(TLN) A major undertaking in active mobility was completed recently when the City of Laval finished implementation of the 100th kilometre of cycling paths created since 2014.

The city has set itself an objective of creating 450 kilometres of bike paths between now and 2031.

Benefits from cycling

“The issues of mobility, the environment and public health are enough to convince us of the collective benefits of a permanent cycling network,” said Vasilios Karidogiannis, councillor for L’Abord-à-Plouffe and responsible for the active mobility dossier.

Of the 100 kilometres of bike path work done since 2014, there are some important ones that allow cyclists to reach downtown Laval securely, as well as Transit Oriented Development (TOD) neighbourhoods and areas where there are concentrations of employers.

A selection of bike paths

The bike paths include: The Oka-Mont Saint Hilaire path (143 kilometres long and crossing 17 municipalities); the Saint-Martin Boulevard path, from 100th Ave. in Chomedey to Pie-IX Boulevard in Laval’s east end; the Dagenais Boulevard path, from Autoroute 13 to René-Laennec Blvd.; the Le Corbusier Boulevard path; and the Daniel Johnson Boulevard path.

Some facts about Laval and cycling: There are more than 230,000 cyclists in Laval and nearly 260 kilometres of bicycling paths; and 37 kilometres of the paths are part of the provincial Route verte bike path system.