Legion Branch 251 donates $3,000 to Jewish Rehab Hospital

Gift of poppy campaign donations will purchase an aquabike

Legion Branch 251 donates $3,000 to Jewish Rehab Hospital
Pictured here with this year’s Royal Canadian Legion Branch 251 donation cheque are Eric Larsen, Ana Falco, Patricia Piche and Roger Nowlan.
Martin C. Barry

On Sept. 15, members of the Royal Canadian Legion’s Branch 251 in Chomedey announced the donation of a cheque in the amount of $3,000, collected by the branch during last year’s RCL poppy campaign, to the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital.

“Every year we donate to a different cause,” said Shannon Westlake, second vice- president/membership/poppy chairperson at RCL Branch 251. “This time around it happened to be the Jewish Rehab.”

Donation for aquabike

According to Westlake, the JRH will be using the money to purchase an aquabike, which is an exercise device that will allow JRH patients to enjoy the benefits of a cardiovascular workout from pedaling on a bicycle while also drawing low-impact benefits from being in the water.

Westlake said the donation to the JRH seemed particularly appropriate this year as several members of the legion branch found themselves in need and requiring the JRH’s services.

“We had some members who had strokes this year and they passed through the hospital,” she said. “They realized that the hospital was in need of one of these aquabikes for rehabilitation.”

Stroke rehab work

She said JRH patients who use the aquabike will be able to strengthen their legs while recovering from disabling strokes.

Every year, from the end of October to Nov. 10 (the day before Remembrance Day), RCL Branch 251 members conduct their poppy campaign. According to Westlake, this year’s poppy campaign will be starting on Oct. 25.

Poppy campaign coming

“We’ll be going out and asking for donations for the little red poppies that we offer,” she said. “And then whatever is donated we use to give back to the community. Sometimes we have given money to Cadets from the area. Other times we have given money to a hospital.

“We do whatever we can with whatever money we raise,” she continued. “The people who are offering the poppies and those donating money for them every year deserve to know that their money is going to a good cause.”