Two suspects arrested after shots fired in Chomedey

The Laval Police made two arrests and have launched an investigation after shots were fired on the afternoon of Aug. 9 in Laval’s Chomedey district.

A police spokesperson said the LPD received an initial call reporting gunfire shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 9.

Several police officers who were nearby answered the call and saw two men walking away from the area from where the first report of gunfire had been made.

One of the suspects fit the description of a possible suspect and both were apprehended for questioning, according to the LPD.

A subsequent on-site investigation found spent shell casings near the intersection of 2nd St. and 80th Ave., although it appeared no one had been injured.

Two days after the shooting, the LPD issued another statement saying two individuals had been arrested.

The LPD identified one of those arrested as Grant Alexandre Jean- Louis, age 25, who was arraigned at the Laval courthouse and charged with illegally discharging a firearm.

The second suspect, age 21, wasn’t identified by the police and was released with conditions after making a statement. The LPD said two handguns were seized during their intervention.

Anyone who feels they have information regarding this incident can contact the Laval Police confidentially at their Info-Line at 450 662-INFO (4636), or by balling 911. The file number is LVL 210809 053.

Murder attempt, three suspects arrested

The Laval Police Department has confirmed that three individuals have been arrested following an incident which took place on July 10 at the Aztec Bar in Chomedey.

According to the LPD, around 1 am that night, an altercation broke out involving several individuals inside the Aztec. Then, around 1:20 am, another altercation broke out in the parking lot outside.

The LPD says one gunshot was fired, injuring two individuals and they were transported to hospital. An investigation led to the identification and arrest of three suspects believed to be associated with the incident.

The three suspects were arraigned at the Laval courthouse and face charges of attempted murder. They are identified as Marc Kenson Milien, 28, and Chayanne O N’eil Peralta Garcia, 27 ans. Both remained in custody last week.

The third suspect, identified as Johaina Fahmy, 21 ans, was released with a number of conditions to be followed. All are expected back in court on Aug. 19.

Anyone with information about the above incident is encouraged to call the Laval Police Department’s confidential Info-Line at 450 662-INFO (4636), or 911. The file number is LVL 210710-009.