City council creates a new committee for senior citizens

Laval’s seniors will finally be getting a voice of their own

During the August 10 city council meeting, the council members adopted a resolution officially creating the new Comité consultatif des personnes aînées lavalloises (CCPAL) to represent the interests of Laval’s senior citizens.

To better understand

The city says that the purpose of the committee is to come to a better understanding of the realities and preoccupations of Laval’s senior citizens, who represent 20 per cent of the city’s population.

The committee’s mandate will be study and formulate advice or recommendations on all questions posed by the executive-committee relating to issues involving senior citizens in Laval.

Several new committees

This committee will be added to several other city council committees implemented since 2019, including the Conseil des Lavalloises (which encourages women to participate in municipal politics), the Consultative Committee on Youth and the Committee for Intercultural Relations.

“The City of Laval proudly wears its title as a Municipality Friendly to Seniors (MADA), confirming our desire to pay particular attention to the needs and issues of seniors living in Laval,” says Mayor Marc Demers.

Helping with decisions

“This committee will be able to deepen our understanding while inspiring new measures and decisions that will respect the reality of these people.” The city is currently seeking candidates for the new committee.

From five to seven committee members are expected to be appointed and the selection process will be taking place over the coming weeks.

The appointments are for two years and are renewable. The deadline to submit an application is Oct. 1.