Taser malfunctions in LPD intervention at Cartier Metro

In this video posted on Tik Tok, two LPD officers attempted without success to Taser a suspect last week at the Cartier Metro in Laval.

A video of a police intervention at the Cartier Metro station in Laval went viral online last week, capturing several failed attempts by LPD officers to Taser a man standing on the train platform.

“Get on the ground! You’re going to get Tasered!” one of the officers was heard yelling at the suspect appearing in the video, as the suspect remained standing while speaking in another language.

In a separate video also posted online, a Metro passenger aboard a train near the Cartier Metro station wrestles with a suspect believed to be holding a knife.

Moments later, the same officer asked for help from a colleague. “Do you have another Taser?” he asked.

Officers then appeared to fire another Taser shot, which again appeared not to have any effect on the suspect.

An LPD spokesperson later said that officers were called because the suspect had attacked another person, who was left with minor scratches. According to the incident report, the suspect was seen with a knife in his hands by officers arriving on the scene, although he is not alleged to have actually used the knife.

Police speculate that the Taser failed to operate because it may have snagged part of the suspect’s clothing or an object on his person that caused a malfunction. At last word, the suspect was transported to hospital and no charges were filed against him.

A second video that emerged from the incident and that was posted online showed the scene aboard a Metro car before the police arrived, when the suspect was involved in a violent confrontation with a male passenger apparently attempting to disarm him. After subduing the suspect to the floor of the Metro car, the passenger, dressed in construction worker gear, is seen punching the suspect numerous times in the head, while also delivering a few kicks, after which other passengers are heard exclaiming for him to stop and they begin to intervene.

Shots fired at house in Sainte-Dorothée

Gunshots were fired in the direction of a house in Laval’s Sainte-Dorothée district early Friday morning last week.

The Laval Police were alerted around 2:30 am that shots had been heard on Galbrand St. near Bord-de-l’Eau Rd.

Officers arriving on the scene in a residential neighbourhood found bullet impact marks on the outside of a residence. However, the occupants weren’t injured.

The suspects immediately fled in their vehicle. No arrests had been made by earlier this week, although an LPD spokesperson pointed out that an investigation has just gotten underway.

Two Laval men charged with attempted fraud in Ontario

Two men were in custody last week pending a bail hearing in Belleville, Ont. after the Ontario Provincial Police were called to a business regarding an attempt to make a fraudulent purchase.

Officers with the Quinte West OPP detachment were summoned to the business where two individuals were trying to make a large purchase on a credit card that appeared to be compromised.

An investigation led to 26-year-old Moussa Sanno and 27-year-old Samual Baffour – both from Laval – being charged with possession of property obtained by crime, as well as multiple counts of failing to comply with a probation order. Sanno also faces a charge of identity theft, while Baffour faces an added charge of fraud over $5,000.