Sainte-Rose MNA Skeete pleased with four-year-olds pre-k

He invites all parents to register their children in program

Classes are also opening at Anglophone schools. Skeete is encouraging parents to take advantage of the classes which are being offered for free. In all, 644 kindergarten classes for four-year-olds should become available across the province in 2019-2020.

Bill 5 amendments

Sainte-Rose MNA Skeete pleased with four-year-olds pre-k

(TLN) Saint-Rose CAQ MNA Christopher Skeete says he is pleased that six kindergarten classes for four-year-olds will be opening at Francophone schools in the Laval region: at Eurêka, Quatre-Vents/Monseigneur-Laval and Nouvelle école of Laval-des-Rapides.

In February, the CAQ government tabled Bill 5 to amend the provincial public education system. The new law will gradually broaden access to full-time kindergarten for four-year olds whose parents choose this.

As parliamentary assistant to Premier François Legault, with responsibility for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, Skeete said he was also thrilled by the scheduled opening of the classes for four-year-olds in pre-kindergarten at these primary schools: Jules-Verne, Souvenir and John-F. Kennedy.

“This is incredible news for students and parents in our region,” said Skeete. “Pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds, free and non-mandatory, will allow for quicker detection and problem solving for children having potential impediments to their development, while offering them learning through play.

Four-year-olds pre-k for all

“Over the next five years, our government wishes to make pre-k for four-year-olds available for all children in Sainte-Rose and Quebec,” continued Skeete. “I invite all admissible parents to register their children for this service now in view of the next back-to-school.”

According to Skeete, an additional 250 classes are expected in September 2019 for a total of 644 classes across Quebec. Registration is taking place now for schools where pre-k for four-year-olds is set to be available.

Beginning this fall, classes will be open to families who are economically disadvantaged, although the criteria are expected to be widened. The CAQ government hopes to make pre-k for four-year-olds available to all families within the next five years.