Man arrested after driving impaired at 195 km/h on Autoroute 440

The Sûreté du Québec says it arrested a 43-year-old man around 3 am Sunday morning after SQ patrollers saw him driving at 195 km/h along Autoroute 440, then later determined he was under the influence of alcohol and possibly also drugs.

Stopped near Curé Labelle Blvd., he was made to undergo an alcohol detection test, as well as a series of other exercises administered by a police expert to determine whether he might also be under the influence of drugs.

According to the SQ, the driver failed both tests. He was given a ticket for $1,759, as well as 18 demerit points on his driving record.

In addition, his driver’s license was suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded. He was freed on a promise to show up for a court date to be determined, when he will be formally arraigned on the charges.