Cider brewery and its owners fined $1.65 million by Revenu Québec

Cidrerie Solar Inc., which produced a range of apple cider-based alcoholic beverages, was fined more than $1,042,093 by Revenu Québec for tax evasion last week, while an affiliated company was fined $294,750, and three company administrators were fined a total of $309,628.

According to the provincial tax ministry, which lists the company as currently based in Laval, Cidrerie Solar, which operated a subsidiary known as 9127-2021 Québec Inc., acknowledged making false or misleading declarations to Revenu Québec, as well as having made false tax declarations relating specifically to alcoholic beverages.

Revenu Québec said the three administrators pleaded guilty to having failed to maintain records or to keep appropriate documentation to justify their claims.

According to the tax agency, they agreed to pay $480,000 of the total amount due on the day they were found guilty, while also agreeing to pay the remainder within the next two years.

According to records posted online by the Raymond Chabot financial recovery counselling firm, Cidrerie Solar Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2017 and has been under the trusteeship of Raymond Chabot since then.