LPD’s 2020 ‘Canine Calendar’ now on sale

All proceeds going to foundation for head injuries

LPD’s 2020 ‘Canine Calendar’ now on sale

(TLN) Surrounded by various partners and supporters, members of the Laval Police Department unveiled the 2020 issue of their famous canine calendar last week for the benefit of the Martin Matte Foundation.

More than a decade

Since 2009, the calendar, featuring photos of the police department’s canine squadron, has raised nearly a half-million dollars for the foundation which provides support to persons from Laval living with the after-effects of serious head injuries.

“We are proud to make available to Laval residents today this magnificently-made calendar,” said LPD director Pierre Brochet.

Make a difference

“For more than a decade, the members of the dog-handlers section have been devoting their time to offering a better future to the victims of cranial traumatism and their families. We are inviting the population to get one of these calendars for the modest sum of $5 and make a difference to all those who are in need.”

The LPD has been supporting this cause since the death of dog handler Éric Lavoie following a head injury he sustained. He had become injured during a car accident while responding to an emergency call. Every day, ten Quebecers lose their autonomy following a head injury, of which half involve road accidents.

LPD’s 2020 ‘Canine Calendar’ now on sale

Where they are available

The calendars are available now at the City of Laval’s Valérie-Gignac Building (3225 Saint-Martin Blvd. East), at the LPD’s neighbourhood stations, as well as at the department’s headquarters (2911 Chomedey Blvd.).

It’s also possible to pick up a copy of the calendar at stores and businesses on the territory of the City of Laval. As well, they can be ordered on the web site of the Martin Matte Foundation: www.fondationmartinmatte.com.