Localized flooding possible for Laval & Montreal regions

The Rainfall warning is in effect for the regions of Laval, Montreal, Châteauguay, La Prairie, Longueuil & Varennes.  Due to the heavy rain that is expected, because the ground is still frozen it might reduce the ability to absorb rainfall.

Rainfall amounts between 25 and 40 millimetres are expected by Friday morning over several of the above mentioned regions.  So localized flooding in the low-lying areas is possible.

Some essential steps to take to prevent a flooded basement during the spring thaw or excessive rainfalls.
(1) Keep Gutters & Downspouts free of debris and downspouts aware from the foundation.
(2) Inspect the exterior foundation and your basement’s walls and floors.
(3) If you have a Sump Pump, check to make sure its free of debris.
(4) Check the sewers and septic tanks. During extended heavy rainfalls, they tend to clog.

These are just some of the ways to prevent flooding in basements.