Legault announces reopening of restaurants, theatres, churches

Spring may be arriving early in Quebec, or it may seem that way in any case, with an announcement on Tuesday by Premier François Legault that restaurants, movie theatres and places of worship will soon be reopening following another round of forced closures during the Covid pandemic.

As of Monday Jan. 31, restaurants will once again be allowed to reopen at half capacity, the Premier said during a webcast press conference.

Up to four people from four different addresses or a maximum of two family bubbles will be allowed to share a table.

Those conditions will also apply to indoor private gatherings, which will also be allowed as of next Monday after being banned by the government since New Year’s Eve.

Also beginning Jan. 31, all extracurricular sports will be permitted in elementary schools, high schools, CEGEPs and universities. However, organized sports outside of school will be allowed only for Quebecers under the age of 18.

Cinemas will be allowed to reopen beginning on Feb. 7, although with a maximum of 500 people per room.

Churches and other places of worship will be allowed to reopen beginning Feb. 7, although they will have to be at half capacity, with a maximum of 250 people. And vaccination passports will be required to get in.

In the meantime, the reopening of gyms and bars will have to wait, since no immediate date for reopening them has been stated by the provincial government.