Pandemonium reigns! Pandemic? PLANdemic? The hydra rears its ugly head

As 2022 begins its historic journey toward resolving another widespread outbreak of Covid-19, this one christened Omicron, humanity would do well to reflect on what it means to be truly human, collectively and indi[1]vidually, because you can rest assured that there will be an interminable string of new variants to follow Delta and Omicron.

Call me suspicious, even irresponsible, but I stand by my belief that what we have to deal with is not just a pandemic, it is and will continue to be a plandemic.

Need a reality check? The more we learn about the latest crisis and subsequent others, the more we will need to separate truth from fiction, the former the solution, the later the stumbling block to returning to minimal normalcy.

Where do we stand on what to do as the plandemic unfolds? Yes, I know what some, if not most, of you are thinking: plandemic? Okay, call me conspiracy theorist. Paint me deluded and delusional. Label me deranged and derailed. But I assure you I’m none of these maladies assigned to me by some of you who too easily follow the flock, whipped into submission by pharmaceutical profiteers, political charlatans, flip-flopping pseudo-scientists, mendacious medical practitioners who too-quickly violate their Hippocratic Oath, and unconscionable purveyors of one-size-fits-all responses to those infected with Covid-19 and those who will be affected by Covid-20 to infinity.

True, I may be just a small voice in the wilderness, but sooner or later other voices will rise, to eventually prevail over the mob of unthinking, unquestioning, acquiescent lambs-led-to-the-slaughter walking-infected zombie-vaxxed.

Yes, not too many of us are willing to stick our necks out in defense of truth and in opposition to the self-serving forces that drive this potential train-wreck, car- crash, and air-disaster toward destinations that we will regret for eternity?

Stymied by confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and dereliction of duty on the part of the entrenched powers who are toying with our lives to suit a narrative laced with the evils of greed, prejudice, bigotry, bias, and discrimination – will enough of us defy the fallacy that you can’t reach a destination because you are told that you can’t get there from here, unless you do as we say?

If the answer is no, then be prepared for the collectivity to have fallen prey to the seductive lies and subtle brain-washing that drew them into irrevocable complicity with the enemy within and without.

But be forewarned that some will step back, step up, step forward, make their own map through which the road-blocks will be attacked in unified voice that will cry out, enough is enough…cease and desist… your motives are suspect, your intentions are questionable, your hearts are wooden, your minds are sterilized – you have sold your souls to the dark side of creation.

History has shown that pandemics are eradicated when most human beings reassert their belief that human strengths and weaknesses are inseparable, as are assets and liabilities; to separate them diminishes humanity. To deny our weaknesses is to deny the essence of what we are, a sure way to dismiss our greatest power to do good despite our fears, reservations, apprehensions and reluctance to go against the grain, to break the insidious secular rules that poison our willingness to share common ground with our fellow humans; to do the unexpected, to love our enemies, to pray for those who have wronged us and if we love our friends, we have to tell them not what they want to hear but what they need to hear?

And since I consider you are my friends, I will tell you what you don’t want to hear but need to hear. Covid-19 is not a pandemic, it’s a plan[1]demic, an insidious subterfuge that needs to be exposed, confronted, defeated and extinguished. But it won’t be easy, as it will require force of full-human-action.

To be fully human is to be courageous in the face of adversity, but be careful – if we hope for courage, let’s not ask or expect or pray to be freed from fear. We need to confront fear, attack it, and put it where it belongs, face-to-face with courage, the courage to rise above it, and in doing that, we will not be stopped.

Although each of us is only one voice, it can’t be disputed that I am at least one. I may not be able to do much, but I can still do something, if I accept the responsibility of doing the something that I can do. No one’s life is easy. So what? The truth of the matter is that we are all gifted in some way, and to bury that talent is to deny our ability to light candles when everyone else curses darkness.

My voice, single as it is, will be unafraid to ask why, in recent days, the government of Québec has seen fit to do two questionable things, measures simultaneously announced on January 12, 2022. Public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda has been replaced by Dr. Luc Boileau, without Premier Legault missing a beat, instantly muzzling Dr. Boileau, taking charge himself of everything Covid. Next, the Premier proclaimed the imposition of a health contribution, a tax, on unvaccinated adults of the province, a deplorable act of tyranny, based on the questionable assumption that the government knows best. The tax will not work. The unvaccinated will not submit to tyranny of the majority. But make no mistake, it will strike fear into the hearts of some.

Here are some signposts for putting fear in its place and attacking it with courage: When doing good, do not expect praise or reward. Take the first step even when you don’t see what lies ahead. Be prepared to go anywhere, as long as it is moving forward. Develop powerful tendencies through loyalty to doing good and avoiding evil. Be not afraid to laugh or cry, it’s what makes you truly human.

What each of us does really matters, especially when I practice compas[1]sion, fairness, and tolerance for those who don’t look like me, think like me, act like me, or live like me, but never compromise your virtues and values by giving in to your vices. No one is worth comparing yourself to, appearances are misleading, the lives of others are not what they seem, use love as the powerful weapon it is, break all the rules that deny the primacy of life over death, everything is much more fun that way. Peace! You’re not in charge, God is.

Renata Isopo