Laval’s mayor pleased with 2017 Quebec budget

Liberal social housing investment tops Demers’s list of likes


Laval mayor Marc Demers reacted favourably overall to the Quebec Liberal government’s 2017 budget which was released last week. According to Demers, the new budget contains measures that augur well for the coming years.

“We are pleased with the Quebec government’s intention to invest more than $255 million in the construction of 3,000 new social housing units, although it would have been preferable that money would be available over the next three years,” said the mayor, noting that the investments are scheduled only for the year 2020.

Mass transit investment

“Taking into account that active mobility and mass transit are priorities for Laval residents, the sums announced by the Finance Minister over five years to improve the service offer, including an increase in the frequency of buses, is good news,” the mayor added.

“It will be interesting to see how the new aid package from Quebec for longstanding senior citizen owners is implemented,” he continued. “This type of program, combined with Laval’s measures, including a subsidy for at-home seniors 65 years of age and older and the free public transit for seniors, contributes to the legitimate recognition that we all owe them.”

Quebec’s life sciences strategy

Demers said the City of Laval is also pleased with an additional investment of $117.5 million the provincial government is making for the implementation of a life sciences strategy. “We are impatient to know the life sciences strategy of the government. We hope that these measures help sustain the emergence and development of businesses on Laval’s territory.” It’s worth noting that pharmaceuticals is one of the important poles in Laval’s life sciences sector.

The mayor also said that the city is very happy with the government’s announced investments in the agricultural and food production sector, including $19.2 million in 2017-2018. “Whether it’s the modernization of buildings, the reduction in use of pesticides or the development of greenhouses, there is no doubt these measures will echo favourably among our farmers,” said Demers.