Tulip Festival time in Laval

More than 500,000 tulip bulbs planted in field

Tulip Festival time in Laval
From the left, Louis Marineau of Ferme Marineau, Catherine Beaulieu and Donald Beaulieu of Agneaux de Laval, Ray Khalil, member of the executive-committee and responsible for agriculture issues, Mayor Marc Demers, Patra Andrianopoulos and John Rodousakis of Tulipes.ca and Stéphane Lalande of the City of Laval. Photo credit: Martin Alarie

(TLN) Last week, Mayor Marc Demers accompanied by members of the executive-committee and the city’s economic development team, took part in the Laval Tulip Festival.

They were greeted by agricultural producers from Laval, including Saveurs de Laval, Ferme Marineau and Agneaux de Laval. Another event – Samedis à la ferme (Saturdays at the farm) – opened the following day, bringing together artists and painters in an event that continues until June 2.

Laval is the only city in Quebec, and possibly also in Quebec, that offers the opportunity to handpick tulips. The tulip field contains 520,000 bulbs in 14 different varieties. At the same time, local farm products are available for sale. Last year, more than 30,000 people dropped by.