Laurier School Board showcases 2017-2018 budget overview

Director-General Absolonne very happy with strategic success plan of “engage, achieve, build'”

Laurier School Board showcases 2017-2018 budget overview
Renata Isopo

The May 22 Council of Commissioners meeting of the Sir Wilfrid Laurierr School Board (SWLSB) featured potpourri of information ranging from the 2017-2018 budget report to a summary of accomplishments from the same year.  The sparse audience was also treated to a detailed account of the board’s strategic priorities, student achievement data, and more.

Director General (DG) Gaelle Absolonne looked at academic achievement with new eyes, reflecting on what teaching and learning looked like in 2017-2018, and speculating on the future. “I’m very happy with our strategic success plan to ‘engage, achieve, build’  – basing our efforts on a vision for student learning,” she made public, affirming  that the 85.9 success rate continues to thrive and achieve accomplishments

“With this percentage, we can say mission almost accomplished. It demonstrates that students are engaged in authentic meaningful learning. We have a lot to celebrate, we have the 10th highest average in the province,” Absolonne specified.

Fred Greschner expresses enthusiasm for Constru-Plus   

Assistant DG Fred Greschner complimented the bilingual Constru-Plus Vocational Training Center for High Pressure Welding and Construction.  “It’s important to educate as many students as possible.”  Heritage Canada provided $4 million funding for the St. Eustache center, inaugurated June 2018 in partnership with Commission Scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille Iles.

Big dollar budget

The overview of the 2017-2018 budget reflected allocation of public funds over the school year: lease of copiers, $354 524.54; lockers, $128 245.93; Rosemere High roof, $1 364 676.58; renovation project (windows and doors) at Joliette High, $625 999,09; repair of four structures ,$432 891.34 –  just a few of incurred costs. 

TLN asked Council why the Aesop Substitution Call System was not reported. Absolonne stated that it will be presented at the June 26 meeting.  TLN also noted that QESBA (Quebec English School Board Association) membership fees were not listed. Maxeen Jolin, Laurier Board Communications Coordinator, told TLN in a telephone conversation that the budget is an overview.  “We did go over every budget line.”

Hope for status quo resonates in chairperson’s report

In his report, Council Chairperson Paolo Galati, noted that Appelle Quebec has immobilized 16 organizations in an alliance for preservation of school boards, in view of the Quebec government’s stated intention to abolish them. Galati was very confident and pleased with the movement and with the results of the polls taken by Leger and Leger indicating that Anglophones still favor the status quo, although he did not reveal specific figures uncovered in the polls.

Commissioners’ remuneration remains uncertain until amount distributed is published.  DG Absolonne stated that since there is no accurate amount established, the specifics will come at a later date.

Appointments of personnel

Effective July 1, 2019, The Board’s new Director of Corporate Affairs/Secretary General is  lawyer Anna Sollazzo. “I’m very happy to have been selected, and look forward to working and collaborating with the SWLSB staff, “ She said, thanking everyone present.  Current Interim Secretary-General Stephanie Krenn will move to Director of Human Resources July 1, 2019.

There was a standing moment of silence in honor of teacher Anthony Boyce and student Chris Tummillo of Laval Senior Academy, who recently passed away.