Laval Police confirm shooting was outside Aztec Supper Lounge

Laval Police Department spokeswoman Stéphanie Beshara confirmed on Friday that a shooting incident during the early hours on Thursday – which ended in a 22-year-old male being hospitalized – took place at the Aztec Supper Lounge on Curé Labelle Blvd.

Investigators from the Laval Police Department were on the scene later on Thursday morning outside the restaurant in Laval’s Chomedey district.

According to several media reports, gun shots were fired outside the restaurant near Marie Antoinette St. after the establishment closed sometime after midnight.

While uncertain as to where exactly the shooting took place, Beshara confirmed that it happened on the property of the Aztec.

Police and media reports suggested that the victim made his way or was taken to hospital in Montreal around 3 am.

In keeping with hospital protocols when dealing with patients suffering gunshot wounds, emergency medical personnel immediately contacted the Montreal Police Department.

When the Montreal Police found out the shooting had taken place in Laval, they contacted the Laval Police who are now in charge of the investigation.

The victim underwent surgery and was reported to be recovering satisfactorily.

While some media, including the Journal de Montréal, have described the restaurant as being known by the police for confrontations between customers, Beshara could not confirm this.

But she said, “There have been arrests there in the past.”

Beshara also could not confirm, as reported by the Courrier Laval this week, that the restaurant had been visited by the LPD’s Escouade Équinoxe, which was created in 2015 to deal specifically with violent or organized crime.

But she said investigators with the squadron pay regular visits to businesses in the area as part of their work.