Laval near completing organic waste implementation

City’s residents have embraced program, says Dufour

Laval near completing organic waste implementation

(TLN) This year marks the completion of the City of Laval’s implementation of its organic waste collection at residences of seven or less units. From now to the end of September, 44,000 new households will be added to the list, for a total of 130,000 residences taking part in the collection.

A positive response

“In 2018, the organic waste collection made it possible to avoid waste landfill sites, while processing 14,626 tonnes of materials, representing 290 kgs per household,” says Laval executive-committee member Virginie Dufour.

“The response by Laval residents has been greater than expected. We realize that effectively more than 95 per cent of Laval residents served by the collection take part. These positive results will only increase with the deployment of this service across the territory.”

To be fully implemented

Since mid-April, 26,000 households in Laval have received their organic waste kit. From the end of next August, the last 18,000 addresses will be added. The organic waste kits include a small kitchen waste container, an outdoor receptacle on wheels, some documentation and a few other items.

Implementation of the kitchen waste collection program began in the autumn of 2016. The program was a response to provincial government efforts to have kitchen waste programs across Quebec. It should be noted that some sectors of Laval, such as Champfleury, Chomedey and Laval-des-Rapides, have had an organic waste program since 1996.