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Laval driver, 18, gets $3,053 ticket, 32 demerits after speeding

An 18-year-old driver from Laval received a four-figure fine from the Laval Police last week after he was clocked driving nearly 100 km/h above the posted speed limit. 

According to the LPD, the driver was travelling 140 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Dagenais Blvd. on Tuesday last week.

He was nailed during a speed enforcement campaign mounted by the LPD.

Speeding cost him a $3,053 fine and 32 demerit points, and his driver’s licence was also suspended for seven days.

City of Laval granted new powers for police dept.

City officials have announced that permission has been granted by the Quebec government to convert the Laval Police Dept.’s Intervention Group (GI) into a Tactical Intervention Group (GTI) effective May 25.

Laval tactical intervention group.

According to the city, Laval as well as the City of Longueuil had both applied to the Quebec Ministry of Public Security for the new status. Laval made the request taking into account that its population will be 500,000 in a few years, with more demands being place on the police force.

Although the Laval Police Dept. currently has the manpower to deal with special operations that carry higher risks, such as armed standoffs, special ops have been carried out until now by a special unit defined as an Intervention Group.

The newly-defined unit will more closely frame the powers its officers have to deal with such sensitive operations as well as the training they receive.

“Security is a major preoccupation for me,” says Mayor Stéphane Boyer. “I’ve very happy to see the powers of the Laval Police Dept. expanded through this long-awaited transition for the tactical intervention team.

“We are fortunate to be able to count on a police organization that is committed and devoted and in a position to assume a large range of responsibilities in order to ensure the security of the population of Laval on a daily basis,” added the mayor.

Convicted sword murderer escapes Federal Training Centre

32-year-old convicted murderer Yacine Zouaoui.

An arrest warrant was issued last week for 32-year-old convicted murderer Yacine Zouaoui, who was unaccounted for at the minimum-security Federal Training Centre in Laval’s St-Vincent-de-Paul district, with the Sûreté du Québec maintaining he may have fled to Ontario.

According to the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), officials contacted both Laval Police and the Sûreté du Québec immediately after the discovery of Zouaoui’s late night disappearance.

Zouaoui, who is English-speaking, is described as 185 cm (6 ft 1) in height and 84 kg (186 lbs) in weight, brown eyes, brown hair and visible tattoos, including a teardrop under his left eye, and three dots in the web of his left hand.

He was serving an indeterminate sentence for assault causing bodily injury and second-degree murder, according to the CSC. At age 19, he turned himself in to police following the killing of Zsolt Csikos who was stabbed in the back with a sword.

According to facts in the case, Zouaoui fled the scene of the crime and abandoned the weapon at a shopping mall before seeking advice from an uncle, then subsequently cooperating with investigators.

Anyone with information on Zouaoui’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Sûreté du Quebec or call 911.

Laval Police seize cocaine, meth crack and cash

The Laval Police say they arrested five suspects and seized large quantities of various types of illegal drugs during a series of raids conducted in Laval in recent weeks.

Warrants executed at two residences and in a vehicle in Laval’s Sainte-Rose and Chomedey districts led to the seizure of 25 grams of crack cocaine, 140 grams of cocaine, 383 methamphetamine tablets and more than $5,000 in cash.

According to the LPD, the anti-narcotics operation was the culmination of an investigation that began last December after a tip from a member of the public.

Police arrested three men and two women from 24 to 50 years of age. The suspects were questioned by police and then released pending upcoming court appearances.