Laval delegation holds warmup for 2020 Jeux du Québec

‘Our representatives will be inspiring the athletes,’ says Mayor Marc Demers

Laval delegation holds warmup for 2020 Jeux du Québec
Seen in the photo during the Jeux du Québec launch in Laval are Vincent Brazeau, chief of the Laval delegation, Joseph Polossifakis, flag bearer Simone Huang, and Geneviève Cossette, president of Sports Laval.

(TLN) On Feb. 17, Sports Laval held a large gathering of athletes, coaches and supporters to mark the beginning of the process that will culminate next year when the City of Laval sponsors an important part of the Jeux du Québec.

At the same time, the coaches, athletes and others had the chance to take part in orientation sessions in preparation for their participation in the Jeux du Québec beginning in March next year. While the City of Laval is hosting the finals, Quebec City will be hosting many of the Jeux du Québec’s main events from March 1 – 9.

The excitement builds

During last week’s warmup event in Laval, Mayor Marc Demers emphasized the accomplishments of the athletes from Laval. “It is a source of pride for the City of Laval to support the next generation in sports,” he said. “It is with excitement that we will be following the performances of our athletes in Quebec City next March. Our representatives will be inspiring the athletes who will be coming to Laval in 2020 for the next Jeux du Québec finals.”

Former Olympian Joseph Polossifakis, part of the fencing delegation from Canada in 2016 and a special patron at the 2019 Jeux du Québec, was also on hand at this week’s launch to express encouragement to all the athletes from Laval. Polossifakis represented Laval at the 2005 Jeux du Québec which took place that year in St-Hyacinthe, and where he won two Silver medallions.