CISSS de Laval releases survey on kindergarten children

More than 31 per cent are ‘vulnerable’ entering grade school

 CISSS de Laval releases survey on kindergarten children

(TLN) In conjunction with the launch of a regional program to encourage perseverance in school, public health officials at CISSS de Laval recently released an updated version of a province-wide survey on the development of kindergarten-age children.

Among other things, the study reveals that in Laval 31.3 per cent of children starting grade school are vulnerable in at least one out of five developmental areas: physical health and well-being, social skills, affective maturity, cognitive and linguistic development, and communication stills and general knowledge.

Most children OK

While the percentage is high, the researchers noted that the majority of children in Laval are not in these categories of vulnerability.

“Signs of vulnerability in kindergarten allow the Laval community to take action and develop programs that respond to the needs of children and their families,” says Jean-Pierre Trépanier, director of public health at CISSS de Laval. “By investing in the development of a child who is considered vulnerable today, we can offer professional support, as well as a chance to succeed in school.”

Efforts being made

Since the first report was released in 2012, efforts have been made in the Laval region and several initiatives have been taken so that children can progress and integrate fully in the school environment.

For example, preparatory workshops for school were offered in all neighborhoods in order to encourage harmonious transition towards school, especially for children whose first language isn’t French or who didn’t regularly attend an educational daycare for children.