Laval wins awards for excellence in communications

Campaigns used video, social media and television

Laval wins awards for excellence in communications
Seen in the photo are former Laval communications employee Caroline Jodoin, Laval chief of communications Louis-Philippe Dorais and Catherine Erazola of the city’s communications department.

(TLN) The City of Laval recently won two awards for excellence in its communications with the public. The awards were presented during a recent evening sponsored by the Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec (ACMQ).

A campaign by the city’s communications department promoting Laval à vélo won a Plume d’excellence award. The strategy included video, social media, posters and TV coverage. Olympic track and field medallist Bruny Surin was recruited as a spokesperson.

The city’s communications department also won an award for a print-media campaign promoting outdoor activities, and Laval’s public libraries won an award for using social media to promote library services among youngsters from the ages of 10 to 14.