Two former officers of the official Opposition join Action Laval

Every day, Marc Demers faces a stronger opposition!


Laval, June 10, 2019 – Rallying Opposition Forces in Laval was a commitment made by Action Laval’s interim leader and president, Achille T. Cifelli, when he took the party’s leadership. It is therefore with great pleasure that he announces the adhesion, by signing a membership card, of Francine LeBlanc and Gilles Boudreau to his party.

The unification of the Opposition parties is a necessity to offer a real alternative to the actual administration, Laval needs a team that listens to its citizens, for real“, said Achille Cifelli.

Since the 2017 election, Action Laval has positioned itself as a party of openness and unification against Marc Demers’ administration. Without an office paid by the taxpayers, but with a team of committed and determined volunteers, the party was able to pull out and win over Laval’s citizens, supporters and elected officials from all political horizons. The party’s objective: to replace Marc Demers’ administration with an administration that is truly attentive to the needs of Laval residents, in order to offer them the services and a community life that meet their aspirations.

It is through this philosophy that Francine LeBlanc and Gilles Boudreau, both former officers of the Official Opposition Party, have joined Action Laval.

For Gilles Boudreau, Parti Laval’s candidate for Vimont in 2017 and former party treasurer, Action Laval represents the best alternative to Marc Demers’ team: “Action Laval is light years away from Parti Laval, it is not a one-man-party but a team that truly works for the benefit of all Laval residents, that is open to ideas, new initiatives and innovation. It is an honour for me to join this great family and it is together that we will show the door to Marc Demers and his team in 2021!”.

For Francine LeBlanc, who until recently was Vice-President of Parti Laval’s Board of Directors, her membership in Action Laval is a revelation: “Action Laval is first and foremost a team and a big family. My membership in the party is a continuation of my desire to serve my fellow citizens and to make a real difference in Laval, as part of a united team whose objective is not only to promote the candidacy of a single man.  There are difficult choices that can be made, and signing my membership card was not one of them. I encourage all Laval residents to come and work with us, because yes, now I can say us!”.

In conclusion, Action Laval’s Interim Leader and President, Achille Cifelli, welcomes his two new members while reiterating his commitment: anyone of good faith who wishes to work for his fellow citizens is welcome! “It is together, and only together, that we will be able to make a difference in Laval”.

About Francine LeBlanc and Gilles Boudreau

Francine LeBlanc: With a very impressive professional career in health and education, Ms. Francine Leblanc, a nurse by profession, is currently a senior medical representative for a large pharmaceutical company. Until recently, she was vice-president of the Board of Directors of Parti Laval.

Gilles Boudreau, CPA: Mr. Gilles Boudreau is an accountant and a trained administrator, having held outstanding senior management positions in Canada, United States, Mexico, Switzerland and Hong Kong during his career. He is now a consultant in the administration field. Mr. Boudreau was Parti Laval’s candidate for the Vimont district in 2017, coming in second with just over 23% of the vote. He also served as treasurer of that party.